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How it works

Target plus an online examination, is the most effective tool for better preparation and speedy progress for the student taking pre board and board exams It provide self analysis, strategies and progress report which improve every student‘s learning. It is the mechanism to embrace the smarter way of learning. Here concept are not just taught but brought alive in vibrant manner.

An online diagnostic mock works in three simple steps.

If the option chosen is correct, the student will score 100% mark for that question and will move automatically to next question. Nevertheless if the option is wrong, a pop up window will appear with the tips and guidelines. Student can read the same and attempt for a second time. If correct, student will get 50% marks for this question. However if the student is unable to answer in second attempt also , then the complete solution will appear , which will help the student to understand the topic  well and memorize the key facts.

After completing this diagnostic mock, two reports will be generated for the student to evaluate self

Personal Diagnostic report

GREEN BAND – This band represents those questions which student did correct in first attempt and scored 100% for each question.

PURPLE BAND - This band represents those questions which student cleared in second attempt, after reading the tips and guidelines. For this the student will be assigned 50% marks.

ORANGE BAND - This band represents those questions which student  could not complete after 2 attempts and got a complete solution, which helps the student to improve learning.

This will help to indentify on which topic student needs to focus more. Student will not get any marks for those questions, which were done wrong after both the attempts.



Smart study plan

At the time of Board Examination students are under lot of pressure. This tool is developed to help the student to get more marks in less time. Here the whole topic of the subject is divided into four areas.

Target 1: BLUE BAND –This band focus on those area, where student was able to solve the question at first attempt and got full marks but consumed more time than allotted. The strength is that the student has understood the topic well , weakness here is identified as taking more time to solve the questions. We at Target Plus provide assistance to increase the speed and brush up easily on those questions by-

Target 2: PURPLE BAND – This band  focus on those areas, where student was able to answer in second attempt after reading the tips and guidelines. These are the topic where student is not confident enough and need to revise. The student needs to understand and memorize the key facts.
Target 3: ORANGE BAND- This band  focus on those areas, where the student was unable to solve after 2 attempts, so student needs to follow the steps and the algorithm carefully and focus on the weak areas. These are the topics where the student is weak and needs to focus more.
Target 4: GREEN BAND - This band  focus on those areas, where the student was able to solve the question in first attempt. On an ongoing basis the student needs to maintain the score in this question type and topics so that the strength do not become weakness. Student needs to work on other similar questions and work on greater difficulty level in these topics and practice them before a Board Examination.

Online personal assistance

is a platform which will provide a great dynamic help-to the students. Students can send their queries and our expert team will respond the queries in 24 hrs.

Personalized dash board

is customizable workspace of the student that allows the student to keep the track record of the reports. Graph charts will show the progress of the student in each subject viz a viz each topic. It also shows the weak areas where student needs to work further. It helps the student for self assessment, understand the concept clearly and thereby improving the individual’s performance and help them gain every possible mark in the shortest possible time.