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Not only for students, TargetPLUS is a ready tool for the teachers and tutors who can access the mock papers and create their own diagnostic mocks and generate smart plans in an instant. They can monitor the mocks in both online and paper & pencil formats. It makes a student's life so much easier.


  • Register to get access to online & offline tools for the teacher.
  • Select questions to make your own online or paper & pencil mock for a topic or for a set of topics. Choose questions by question type: short, medium and long. Create a practice session.
  • Provide diagnostic feedback to your students, and online & offline support each time you use a mock. Support includes complete solutions, tips and study materials matched to every student's diagnosis.
  • Get a class diagnostic report to revise concepts not well understood. Perfect a class after you complete a topic or more. Or baseline your students to understand their preparedness towards an exam.
  • Conduct one or more diagnostic Pre-Board Exams in Paper & Pencil or Online modes. Get both student and teacher reports. Give more Pre-Board Diagnostic Mock Sessions in addition to yours or completely replace one or two of them. NO NEED TO CORRECT PAPERS. Feedback is provided by the mock session.

Teacher reports are diagnostic overview of the entire class by topic and sub-topic. A teacher knows exactly where the strengths and weaknesses of the class lie. Teachers save time by teaching backwards those topics that are easy for a class and giving maximum time to those topics that are difficult for the entire class. Though they already often know which students are weak or strong, they are always happy to get the class report that shows them, objectively, where they need to focus.


  • Register as a Coach with TargetPLUS to provide online and offline support to TargetPLUS students.
  • Use TargetPLUS tools for your students in online and paper & pencil mode.

Target Plus Career Foundation Academy

  • Start a career foundation TargetPLUS Academy at a school or at an independent centre, or make your existing centre a TargetPLUS Academy.
  • Join an increasing number of coaching centres under the umbrella of TargetPLUS Academy.

A TargetPLUS Career Foundation Academy (TP-CFA) allows schools to run a career foundation school within their schools. These are also offered as franchise for school management and for others to set up at schools or within their own centres. Besides being effective in helping students improve their academic performance, a TP-CFA also lays the foundation for competitive entrance examinations in several careers, acts as an afterschool centre for help with homework and personalised study, and career counselling centre.