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IF YOU ARE A STUDENT: TargetPLUS is the quickest way to gain marks and your confidence.

Your Progress Cycle

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Now, take the next diagnostic mock to witness progress and identify remaining areas of improvement. Follow the steps above for each new Progress Cycle. A minimum of three progress cycles are necessary to bring you to perfection, unless your baseline shows too many areas of improvement. Keep taking mock sessions till all your topics are in green (80-100%). The more TargetPLUS Growth Sessions you take, the more progress you will make towards your exam. This is the smartest way to gain marks.

What Makes TargetPLUS the Best Way to Gain Marks?

In place of random practice sessions, a diagnostic mock selects questions based on frequency analysis of past papers. This means you get familiar with the type of questions you are likely to get. Often, these are past exam questions in random order and mock questions patterned exactly like the past exam questions. A diagnostic mock provides you with diagnostic reports. These are more useful to you than reports that give simple right or wrong and an average at the bottom.