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The TP Personalized Study makes it possible for you to know quickly what has appeared in the past ten years. It presents concept/topic wise solutions and analysis of all past questions in a logical layout for the ease of study. The theory or guidelines related to each topic are briefly included as well as tips on how to improve marks. Theoretically, any aspect of the required syllabus can be tested. However, it is often true that most examining bodies do not vary examination patterns too often. By analysing past papers, therefore, you can increase your chances of success while rationalizing your workload.

Personal Targets Support You Never Had Guarantee of Progress
4 reasons to take TargetPLUS Smart Plans, Tips and Study Materials That Match Your Personal Needs Effective and time efficient tools that are proven to produce results
Works for all students: It does not matter that you are currently in the bottom, middle or top of a class. What matters is you passed Class V. And if you did, we can help you. With each question you answer, you create automatically your very own personal smart study plan.    Improvement over your baseline is guaranteed. The more TP sessions you take, the more marks you gain.
Start from where you are. Baseline yourself to get instant overview of your preparedness towards your next exam, strengths and areas of improvement. Tips & Theory are visual, to the point and brief. You can tell at a glance which mistakes you made, or are likely to make. The three hours you spend on a TargetPLUS mock are the most productive three hours you will spend towards your goal.
Get straight to targeted work specially matched to your needs. Working with knowledge of your strengths and improvement areas helps you move faster towards your goal. No time consuming, random and mindless practice sessions anymore. We match your diagnosis with a personal set of study notes. These have been prepared by our topmost experts. The study notes are visual, brief and to the point. These serve as personalised study notes. You do not need to spend your time making your own revision notes.  It's easy. Just sit with your laptop, tablet or mobile phone and simply get started. Learning has never been this easy!
TP helps you improve on areas you have not mastered as yet and TP provides you with tools for complete mastery. With such a targeted study, you improve fast. You get to see your scores improving with each new mock.  

Importance of measuring time

The TargetPLUS mocks are mock sessions towards your examination. They have exactly the kind of questions that appear in your exam. When you take the mock session online, you can find out in which questions or topics you took more time than you should have.

In an examination, time spent on every question can mean being able to finish all questions. When you take several mock sessions, you get an objective view of where you are spending too much time. These are topics or concepts you know well but too long to finish and clearly need to speed up. This is valuable feedback that will gain you marks.

Making preparation time effective

Time is one of the most valuable resources you have before an examination.

We waste countless hours:

  • Trying to psyche ourselves to study
  • Wondering which subject to study and which topic
  • Staring at the books and reading text but without gaining any marks
  • Studying randomly or without a clear plan
  • Not having a memorization plan -- so many exams rely upon your remembering facts; these are marks waiting for you!
  • Not having a clear strategy: what you will study first, second and third and why
  • Worrying -- worrying reduces capacity: read the Positive and Negative Self-Suggestions to help you overcome your worries.

Get going with TargetPLUS and you will soon discover it is the most efficient way to use time, know your personal strengths, prioritize between conflicting study objectives (what you need to study first, second and third, etc.), work with smart study strategies made especially for you, and see the results of your smart work on your marks with each new mock you take.

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